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Average monthly temperature in April: Min 12 Max 27 °C
Average monthly sea temperature in April: 18 °C
Easter Holidays in Sicily

The Golf Hotels in Sicily are located in contexts of incredible beauty, surrounded by the wonders of the Sicilian land: you'll find yourself playing in a landscape of outstanding beauty, just a few steps away from the architectural treasures rich in history, or overlooking the immense spectacle of the Mediterranean sea.

Where to sleep:
Golf Resort & SPA Donnafugata »»
Verdura Resort »»
Il Picciolo Etna Golf & Spa »»
I Monasteri Golf Resort »»

Easter Holidays in Sicily

Sculptured by the millenarian activity of Etna, the geography of the east coast ranges from the mountains in the vicinity of the volcano, a protected area of great natural interest. To the flat areas south of Catania, a majestic baroque city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where to sleep:
Zash – Country Boutique Hotel »»
Donna Carmela »»
Villa Neri Resort & Spa »»
Monaci delle Terre Nere »»
Talè Restaurant & Suite »»

Easter Holidays in Sicily

Pearl of the Ionian nestled between sky and sea, Taormina combines history, sea and nature. The city is situated on a natural terrace 200 feet above the sea, while behind the town are the hills of the hinterland among which stands the imposing Mount Etna.

Where to sleep:
Grand Hotel San Pietro »»
Hotel Villa Taormina »»
GrandHotel Mazzarò Sea Palace »»
Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay »»

Easter Holidays in Sicily

Seaside town nestled on the south-eastern coast, Syracuse was among the largest cities of the ancient world.The scenic beauty of the city has been recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, as an example of outstanding architectural composition that combines Greek, Roman and Baroque cultures.

Where to sleep:
Masseria degli Ulivi »»
Wellness Hotel Principe »»

Grand Hotel Minareto »»
Hotel Gutkowski »»
Caol Ishka Hotel »»
Donna Coraly Resort »»

Easter Holidays in Sicily

The town of Modica, nestled in the Val di Nota is a spectacular testimonial to the area’s history. Symbol of Sicilian Baroque, in the old town houses literally merge with the land, an integral part of the ancient caves of prehistoric origin.

Where to sleep:
Modica Beach Resort »»
Casa Talia »»
Torre Don Virgilio »»
Anime a Sud »»
Le Lumie »»
Pietre Nere Resort »»
Cambiocavallo Resort »»

Easter Holidays in Sicily

The city of Ragusa is one of eight baroque pearls that make up the Val di Noto, whose impressive architectural heritage has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as "the culmination and final flowering of Baroque Europe".

Where to sleep:
Eremo della Giubiliana »» 
La Moresca Maison de Charme »»
Poggio del Sole Resort »»
Relais Parco Cavalonga »»
De Stefano Palace »»

Easter Holidays in Sicily

Palermo is a melting pot of cultures, in which the architectural magnificence of the city center is enriched by landmarks such as the historical Markets. The appeal of the city is the combination of the natural beauty of the surrounding areas that along with the beaches.

Where to sleep:
Calette Garden and Bay »» 
Calette N 5 »» 
Palazzo Brunaccini »»
Hotel Plaza Opera »»
Principe di Villafranca »»
Palco Rooms&Suites »»
Delle Vittorie Luxury Rooms&Suites »»

Easter Holidays in Sicily

Defined by Pindar, "the most beautiful of mortal cities", Agrigento embraces the fundamental ingredients of the beauty of Sicily's history, sea and nature. The beautiful old town, a winding maze of fascinating North African origin, and not to be missed the imposing Doric complexes of the Valley of the Temples.

Where to sleep:
Scala dei Turchi Resort »»
Mandranova Resort »»
Euterpe L.H.T. »»


Lipari and Vulcano are two of the seven islands that dot the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of northern Sicily. They are part of the municipality of Lipari and the province of Messina.

Where to sleep: 
Therasia Resort Sea and Spa »»


Castelvetrano Selinunte is an exceptional cultural site where stones are sculptures of nature, landscape, myth. A book to leaf through without haste.

Dove dormire:
Momentum - Wellness Bio Resort »»

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This year Easter is the perfect opportunity to discover Sicily and its traditions

A destination without equal for those looking for a cultural holiday, at Easter time Sicily expresses her unique identity.
The rites of the Holy Week celebrations are by far the most revered with the entire population taking part.

The pain and joy come together in the parades that wind through the streets of cities and small towns. Christian rituals and local traditions give rise to an evocative atmosphere from which it is impossible not to become involved.
In Trapani and Caltanissetta, the Procession of the Mysteries parades, statues representing scenes from the Passion of Christ. In the town of Adriano, a sacred representation of medieval origin, the Diavolata is staged. In Taormina, Erice and Modica, a must is the Via Crucis.

In spring Sicily is reborn and rediscovers its most authentic traditions.

Plan your Easter holidays in Sicily:

  • Ensure the tranquility and convenience of the off-season
  • Enjoy the mild and pleasant climate of the Mediterranean spring
  • Witness the spectacle of the evocative rites of Holy Week

Need advice for your next Easter holidays?

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